Our Opportunities

Economy and Development

Economic development is high on our agenda. We have a thriving business community and the highest business density in Surrey. In particular, we are home to a business base of small and medium-sized companies with an increasing emphasis on non-traditional, creative and knowledge-based industries.

Despite the pressure on spending across the public sector nationally, Waverley’s robust financial platform is enabling us to continue to invest in the future – improving services and growing our skills base. We are now developing the borough blueprint for the future; setting out how we will support the success of our communities and businesses over the coming years.

The council is in a strong financial position and we are focused on delivering improvements to all our services. We are also committed to delivering major developmental projects. These include retail and leisure projects such as Brightwell’s Yard and the major residential and business development of Dunsfold Park.

Moving forward, we need to deliver around 500 new homes per year. To achieve this, we will need to work collaboratively, be innovate and cost-effective and ensure that Planning Enforcement is proactive, visible and clear. Our Planning Department currently manages around:

  • 2,800 planning applications a year
  • 700 enforcement service requests per year.
  • 350 tree related applications and 30 Tree Preservation Orders per year.
  • 150 planning appeals a year and 30 Enforcement Notices.

Read more about our Local Plan.

Working in Partnership

Our mission is to work closely with our communities, local businesses and other partners to deliver excellent and affordable services by using our resources wisely and working creatively. Partnership is a vital part of our approach to delivering better services. By working in partnership, we are able to engage with experts, see different perspectives and identify new opportunities. We work closely with a number of specialist organisations, fostering excellent working relations so we can secure the best possible outcomes for the people of Waverley.

These organisations include:

  • The County Council and our neighbouring boroughs where we have many examples of excellent collaboration.
  • The Government, including Highways England and the Environment Agency.
  • Key independent agencies such as Natural England and the Planning Inspectorate.
  • The local business community, health and social care organisations where we have a long track record of successful partnership working.

Managing these external relationships well and developing strong and effective partnerships for the benefit of Waverley’s communities has long been central to the councils “place making” and community leadership roles.